Chocolate Tea Gift Set

Looking for the perfect gift for chocolate lovers who are tea drinkers? Consider the Chocolate Trio Gift Box Set from American Tea Room.

The gift combines their best-selling tea, Choco*Late, with toffee treats and Organic Macaroon, a chocolate coconut caffeine free tea.

If you don’t know anything about Choco*Late, it is a caffeine-free, fat free organic tea blended for American Tea Room. It contains, cacao husks, vanilla bean, and rooibos tea. The flavor is a balance of chocolate, vanilla, and tea flavors. They suggest drinking it plain or adding a little agave nectar or rice milk.

The tea rates a 4.5 out of 5 stars on their site. Check out the full tea set gift or just the Choco*Late tea itself (sold by the ounce).

Also, be sure to use the coupon on their site! It varies from month to month but right now is 20% off your entire order!

Chocolate Advent Calendar for 2013 (Limited Time Deal)

2013 Chocolate Advent Calendar

We always do chocolate Advent calendars in my house, and I often find myself scrambling at the last minute to buy them. One year I bought the last 2 that Hallmark had on November 30!

I just came across a terrific deal on 2013 Advent Calendars with Chocolates. You get 2 calendars for $9.95 including shipping. That is one of the best deals that I have seen.

If you are unsure what they are, they are basically a way to count down the days to Christmas with a small treat each day. Kids open one box every day of December leading up to Christmas and get a small chocolate out of the box. My kids love them and look forward to them every year.

Check out the deal on DealChicken today before these sell out.

Ghirardelli for Valentine’s Day (and Coupon!)

Ghirardelli Valentine Chocolate

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like chocolate from Ghirardelli. I was given the opportunity to try out a few of their Valentine’s specific chocolates and was impressed as usual. My favorite by far was the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry (because I am a dark chocolate fan). However, I also really liked the Milk and Strawberry. The Sublime White Vanilla Dream was so creamy and smooth that it melted in my mouth. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was the favorite of everyone else in my house.

The thing about Ghirardelli is that it is expensive-tasting chocolate that doesn’t break the bank. I’ve never had a piece of it that wasn’t perfect, whether directly from the store in Downtown Disney or from the shelf at my grocery store. Their standards are so high. As a chocolate aficionado (is there such thing?), I know good chocolate, bad chocolate, and overpriced chocolate. I always come back to Ghirardelli.

If you are considering Ghirardelli this Valentine’s Day, I have something that will sweeten the pot for you even more (see what I did there? chocolate…sweeten…) For the month of February you can take 10% off your purchase with code CJ10. You can also get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You might as well order $50 worth because I know you can think of a few people to give it to. (Or save some for yourself if you are smart)

Are you a fan of Ghirardelli? What are your favorite flavors?

Ghirardelli Chocolate Martini Recipe

I was lucky enough to try out the Ghirardelli Chocolate Flavored Sauce the other day and it is fantastic! We used it on ice cream and they suggest that you use it in coffee. But the best suggestion that I have seen is to make a chocolate martini with it. Check out this picture and tell me you are not drooling!

The chocolate martini recipe is fairly simple–vodka, hazelnut liqueur, and raspberry liqueur. What really make it something special for chocolate lovers is the drizzle of chocolate sauce that coats the inside of the glass.

Have you tried this recipe? Do you have a favorite chocolate martini that you make yourself or get at a particular restaurant?

Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mother’s Day

You can order your mom something fancy for Mother’s Day and wonder if she’ll like it. Or you can order her something comfortable that you know she will love.  David’s Cookies makes chocolate chip cookies that will rival even your homemade cookies.

I started ordering David’s Cookies as gifts about 5 years ago because they are as close as I have found to homemade. In fact, I have a suspicion that one of our local delis actually uses David’s cookie dough and passes the cookies off as homemade in their bakery.

You can choose from different flavors and sizes of cookies. They also have brownies, although I tend to stick with the cookies when I place orders. You have to be sure to order early in the week, however, because they do not ship at the end of the week. This is because their cookies are not shrink-wrap preserved like a lot of other cookies. It’s honest to goodness like you baked them yourself, put them in a tin, and shipped them. Except none of them ever break and you don’t have to scramble to find a tin.

If you are considering chocolate chip cookies as a gift, check out the video below. Also be sure to look for David’s Cookies coupons because you can often find up to 15% off or free shipping.