Mousse Temptations by JELL-O Review

JELL-O has released a new product called Mousse Temptations. Although my Kroger is not yet carrying it, I was able to pick up a package at Marsh. They come packaged just like their regular refrigerated pudding cups (6 to a pack). They have three flavors that I could find: Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Indulgence, and Caramel Creme. The best part is that they are sugar free and only 60 calories–a perfect snack or dessert if you are on Weight Watchers!

I opted for the Dark Chocolate and figured that I would give them to my family for dessert last night. I’m the biggest pudding eater in the house, but everyone was up for trying something different.

The texture was definitely between a real mousse and pudding. My daughter first thought it felt like a brownie when she stuck her spoon into it because it was so thick. But then when you taste it, it is actually very light. The Dark Chocolate had a true dark chocolate taste without the sweetness of milk chocolate. However, my kids do not normally like dark chocolate and they gobbled the Mousse up. In fact, with a family of 4, we were all fighting about who was going to get the other 2 cups (I’m eating one as I type before the kids get home from school!).

If you are watching your waistline but love chocolate, I would definitely recommend the Mousse Temptations by JELL-O. No diet taste or consistency at all. They might be a bit hard to find right now but are definitely worth looking out for.


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