NFL Candy from M&M’s

As if M&M’s were not already perfect enough, you can now get them with your favorite NFL team on them! When you go to the site, you first choose your favorite team (for me, that is the Pittsburgh Steelers, but we can all agree to disagree). Once you select your team, you will see which M&M’s will be included. The Steelers M&M mix has a white and a gold each with our emblem as well as a gold one with “Steelers” in black and a regular black one with an “m” on it. Some of the other teams actually had 4 colors of candy rather than 3.

After choosing your team, you have to decide how you want them packaged. You can get a themed 7oz bag, a dispenser with your team’s logo and 3 7oz bags, or 5 pounds in bulk.

Right now is a particularly good time to get the NFL M&M’s because they are 10% off. But that deal won’t last long, so you had better order quickly! Click here to see all of the NFL M&M’s.


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