Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mother’s Day

You can order your mom something fancy for Mother’s Day and wonder if she’ll like it. Or you can order her something comfortable that you know she will love.  David’s Cookies makes chocolate chip cookies that will rival even your homemade cookies.

I started ordering David’s Cookies as gifts about 5 years ago because they are as close as I have found to homemade. In fact, I have a suspicion that one of our local delis actually uses David’s cookie dough and passes the cookies off as homemade in their bakery.

You can choose from different flavors and sizes of cookies. They also have brownies, although I tend to stick with the cookies when I place orders. You have to be sure to order early in the week, however, because they do not ship at the end of the week. This is because their cookies are not shrink-wrap preserved like a lot of other cookies. It’s honest to goodness like you baked them yourself, put them in a tin, and shipped them. Except none of them ever break and you don’t have to scramble to find a tin.

If you are considering chocolate chip cookies as a gift, check out the video below. Also be sure to look for David’s Cookies coupons because you can often find up to 15% off or free shipping.


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