Chocolate on Valentine’s Day: The History

Everyone knows that chocolate is heavily associated with Valentine’s Day. But why?

Although there isn’t an official “chocolate for Valentine’s Day” story, chocolate has always been considered valuable and decadent. Even early on it was associated with romance and passion, and the Aztecs believed that it elevated sexual prowess. Chocolate drink was served at weddings and special ceremonies.

Richard Cadbury was the first to invent chocolate candies in the 1860s and marketed them for Valentine’s Day in the heart-shaped box that we have all come to know and love. His hope was to increase the sale of chocolates by putting them in more eye-appealing packaging.  The trend caught on and they became the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift (along with red roses).

So a very simple story with not much to it. Does it surprise that over $1 billion in chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day each year?

New Ghirardelli Flavors

Ghirardelli Chocolate is coming out with two new flavors, and you can now get them online!

Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar
“The luxuriously deep and velvety dark chocolate in Sea Salt Soiree is infused with bursts of sea salt and roasted almonds delivering unrivaled chocolate intensity. Experience a moment of timeless pleasure with Ghirardelli’s all natural Intense Dark Chocolate.”

Dark & Orange Filled Bar
“Take time to slow down and feel yourself melt with each bite. Savor the luxuriously rich flavors surrounding your senses – velvety chocolate and zesty burst of real oranges. Enjoy as the chocolate pleasure lingers.”

What’s great about these two new flavors is that they have the flavor of an expensive gourmet chocolate but with a price tag that doesn’t make you feel guilty about splurging on them. I tried them both and liked the Dark & Orange slightly better. I’m a dark chocolate fan to begin with, so that helped. I actually wasn’t sure that I would like the Dark Sea Salt at all but ended up finding it to be an addictive combination. The salt cut the sweetness just enough. The orange reminded me of their raspberry filled bars but not quite as sweet.

Bars start at less than $4. Click here to try out the new Ghirardelli flavors online before they are released in the stores.

(For a limited time,  you can use code SUNSHINE15 and get 15% off of your Ghirardelli purchase)

You Are Invited to a Chocolate Picnic!

Welcome to my Chocolate Picnic! You are all invited to share with me in my favorite pastime…chocolate.

People who make money online always say that you should start websites about things that you know. For years I have been dabbling in different areas of the Internet. But my problem was always that I am not an “expert” about any one thing. I’m one of those people who knows just a little bit about many different things. So I could never come up with a niche site to call my own.

Then when I was jogging the other day (get the irony??), I realized that the one thing that I really do know a lot about is CHOCOLATE. In fact, aside from those snooty gourmet people, I probably know just as much or more about chocolate than anyone. From your basic Hershey bar to your fine truffles, I know my chocolate. In fact, I even led a “Chocolate University” at my house recently (more info on that later).

So sit back and enjoy with me as we explore my very favorite thing in the world–chocolate.