Choxie Cocktail Truffle Collection from Target

I have been seeing Target’s chocolate collection, choxie, for months but never tried it. The other day on a whim I decided to grab a sampler and see how it compared to more expensive chocolates.

I bought the Cocktail Truffle Collection, which contained 6 different flavors: Milk Chocolate Cosmo, White Chocolate Pina Colada, Dark Chocolate Appletini, Milk Chocolate Margarita, Dark Chocolate Peach Bellini, and Dark Chocolate Martini.

The box itself was nice looking but not expensive. Nice enough to give along with another gift or as a little “thank you” gift but not Valentine’s Day quality or anything like that. The inside of the box was a little bit cheaper looking.

I started with the Dark Chocolate Peach Bellini because dark chocolate and peach bellinis are, separately, two of my favorite things. It was really good. Not cheap tasting at all. And a nice mix of flavors. It was probably my favorite in the box. I was least looking forward to the White Chocolate Pina Colada because I’m not much of a white chocolate eater. But the sprinkle of coconut on the top helped me overlook the white chocolate. The only one that I was not too pleased with was the Milk Chocolate Margarita. They tried to capture the salt taste and it just didn’t work for me.

Overall, I have to say that I would buy them again and would buy them for a friend. The “alcohol” flavor in each was minimal, especially compared to true liquor filled truffles. Each was topped with either a sprinkle or a dusting of something, making each individual piece look special.

I haven’t seen these available online, so you would not be able to order them for a gift. But I would assume you can pick them up in any Target store (mine was a Super Target). Next time I will try a different assortment of more traditional flavors…maybe some caramel and pecan. I am certain that I will be eating choxie again!