Movie Review: Chocolat

I know this movie is 8 years old, but I just saw it last week and it is totally on topic! I don’t know how (or why) I missed seeing it before, but I’m glad now for free premium stations on Directv. I’m seeing lots of stuff I missed (but that’s another story).

Chocolat is the story of a woman (Juliette Binoche) and her daughter who follow the North Wind where it takes them, carrying with them the desire to help people with their tasty confections. They arrive in an uptight French town and open a chocolaterie during Lent. The people of the town have no idea what they are in for!

Given that chocolate is in the title of the movie, you would expect that it plays a large role in the movie, and it does. It is almost a character unto itself. How the town people react to the chocolate is an interesting study in morality and desire.

Incidentally, if you are like me and are a Johnny Depp fan and are anxious to see him in the movie because you see him on the movie cover, you are going to have to be patient. He does not appear until about halfway through the movie.

As you watch the movie, you will think about the history of chocolate as well as the effects it can have on the body and the mind. Chocolat is a perfect mix of comedy, drama, and romance. Chick flick? Probably. But one worth watching together…with a box of chocolates of course.

You Are Invited to a Chocolate Picnic!

Welcome to my Chocolate Picnic! You are all invited to share with me in my favorite pastime…chocolate.

People who make money online always say that you should start websites about things that you know. For years I have been dabbling in different areas of the Internet. But my problem was always that I am not an “expert” about any one thing. I’m one of those people who knows just a little bit about many different things. So I could never come up with a niche site to call my own.

Then when I was jogging the other day (get the irony??), I realized that the one thing that I really do know a lot about is CHOCOLATE. In fact, aside from those snooty gourmet people, I probably know just as much or more about chocolate than anyone. From your basic Hershey bar to your fine truffles, I know my chocolate. In fact, I even led a “Chocolate University” at my house recently (more info on that later).

So sit back and enjoy with me as we explore my very favorite thing in the world–chocolate.