Ghirardelli for Valentine’s Day (and Coupon!)

Ghirardelli Valentine Chocolate

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like chocolate from Ghirardelli. I was given the opportunity to try out a few of their Valentine’s specific chocolates and was impressed as usual. My favorite by far was the Dark Chocolate and Strawberry (because I am a dark chocolate fan). However, I also really liked the Milk and Strawberry. The Sublime White Vanilla Dream was so creamy and smooth that it melted in my mouth. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was the favorite of everyone else in my house.

The thing about Ghirardelli is that it is expensive-tasting chocolate that doesn’t break the bank. I’ve never had a piece of it that wasn’t perfect, whether directly from the store in Downtown Disney or from the shelf at my grocery store. Their standards are so high. As a chocolate aficionado (is there such thing?), I know good chocolate, bad chocolate, and overpriced chocolate. I always come back to Ghirardelli.

If you are considering Ghirardelli this Valentine’s Day, I have something that will sweeten the pot for you even more (see what I did there? chocolate…sweeten…) For the month of February you can take 10% off your purchase with code CJ10. You can also get free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You might as well order $50 worth because I know you can think of a few people to give it to. (Or save some for yourself if you are smart)

Are you a fan of Ghirardelli? What are your favorite flavors?

Chocolate on Valentine’s Day: The History

Everyone knows that chocolate is heavily associated with Valentine’s Day. But why?

Although there isn’t an official “chocolate for Valentine’s Day” story, chocolate has always been considered valuable and decadent. Even early on it was associated with romance and passion, and the Aztecs believed that it elevated sexual prowess. Chocolate drink was served at weddings and special ceremonies.

Richard Cadbury was the first to invent chocolate candies in the 1860s and marketed them for Valentine’s Day in the heart-shaped box that we have all come to know and love. His hope was to increase the sale of chocolates by putting them in more eye-appealing packaging.  The trend caught on and they became the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift (along with red roses).

So a very simple story with not much to it. Does it surprise that over $1 billion in chocolate is purchased for Valentine’s Day each year?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

As a lover of both Valentine’s Day and chocolate, I have some great suggestions for what to get the follow chocolate lovers in your life this Valentine’s Day. The key is to order as soon as you see the products available because some of them will be gone before Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Decadence
This basket includes an impressive line-up of yummy chocolate to grace your pallet. It includes gourmet chocolate cookies, candy bars, syrup and hot chocolate mix.

Petite Valentine Caramel Chocolate Gourmet Apple Trio
Petite Valentine Caramel Chocolate Gourmet Apple Trio
Can’t decide on just 1 of our delicious Caramel Apples? This Trio features 3 of our most popular Caramel Chocolate Gourmet Apples dressed up for Valentine’s Day!Our crisp, premium Fancy Petite Granny Smith Apples are hand-dipped in our rich golden caramel then hand-dipped in Belgian Chocolate and generously finished with Valentine Icing Decorations and Candy Sprinkles.Each apple is individually wrapped in a lovely cellophane bag and tied with a fancy satin bow. Presented in a gift box of 3 on a bed of krinkle shred, wrapped in a cellophane bag and finished with a bow. It’s a perfect gift!

Valentine Chocolate Fantasy
Valentine Chocolate Fantasy
For those with a preference for chocolate, this sinful indulgence has an impressive array. The red tin container is adorned with hearts and filled with Ghirardelli chocolate bars and a big milk chocolate heart.IN WARMER CLIMATES, THIS ITEM MUST BE SHIPPED OVERNIGHT TO PREVENT CHOCOLATE FROM MELTING.

Valentine Champagne Chocolates
Valentine Champagne Chocolates
We took our popular “Champagne Truffles” and scattered some hearts especially for Valentine’s day.

Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Cookies, Valentine's Chocolate Lover's
Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Cookies, Valentine’s Chocolate Lover’s
Chocolaty bliss for the passionate chocolate lover. Includes nine Triple Chocolate Chip cookies, four of our incredibly popular, fudgy Chocolate Chunk Brownies, 16 heart-shaped Triple Chocolate shortbread cookies and one yummy Chocolate Espresso Cake. Over 2.5 lbs of yummy treats arrive in a festive gift box with a brown ribbon.

Pair Chocolate with Rosa Regale Brachetto this Valentine’s Day

Looking for a terrific Valentine’s Day gift for a chocolate lover? Rosa Regale and chocolate would be at the top of my list! Rosa Regale is probably my favorite wine, and nothing says “Valentine’s Day” like chocolate covered fruit. has a set that sells for only $29.99 and includes Godiva Chocoiste Dark Chocolate Raspberries and Almonds. 

 Rosa Regale Brachetto & Godiva Chocolate Covered Fruit – Wine Collection Gift

What makes this combination especially perfect for Valentine’s Day is that the wine is sparkling but not traditional champagne. It pairs beautifully with chocolate, especially dark chocolate. The wine has a slight raspberry flavor that would also go well with fresh chocolate covered strawberries.

I first tasted Rosa Regale on a Disney Cruise at Palo and they brought it to us with little pieces of dark chocolate. It was heavenly! I’ve seen it priced everywhere from $15 to $40. Read more about it at

 Banfi 2007 Rosa Regale Brachetto – Champagne & Sparkling

Mrs. Prindables Apples from QVC

Mrs. Prindables Apples from QVC with chocolate and candy

Mrs. Prindables QVC Apples

Mrs. Prindable’s 24 Treat Size Holiday Apples
Price: $31.14

Click here to see the entire Mrs. Prindable’s Collection at QVC

Savor the sweet flavors of fall with this selection of treat-sized gourmet apples. Dipped in caramel, each is rolled in tasty holiday sprinkles, then individually packaged in holiday wrapping. Perfect for favors at your next mixer! From Mrs. Prindable’s.

I’ve been a big fan of Mrs. Prindables for some time and had no idea that you could get such great deals on Mrs. Prindables products on QVC. Check out this Christmas gift idea–24 treat sized apples for only 31.14. This would be perfect for making up small baskets or bags to give to friends, teachers, and family. These particular apples are dipped in caramel and then rolled in holiday sprinkles.

While you are at QVC, check out the other 30+ Mrs. Prindables products they have. Some of them are not even available on the Mrs. Prindables website itself. I am partial to the dark chocolate but wouldn’t turn up my nose to any of them.

Edited: The holiday pack has sold out at QVC, but they have some other great packs on sale!

Click here to see the entire Mrs. Prindable’s Collection at QVC